News and Analysis (10/11/13)

“[I]t was widely assumed that Egypt’s military leaders were the prime movers behind the country’s counter revolution. But dozens of interviews with officials from the army, state security and police, as well as diplomats and politicians, show the Interior Ministry was the key force behind removing Egypt’s first democratically elected president”:

“It took about five minutes for the shoes to start flying.” The junta makes it clear that far from separating church and state it fully intends to impose an “official” Islam on Egypt:

“Syrian rebels killed at least 190 civilians and took more than 200 hostage during an offensive in Latakia province in August, Human Rights Watch said on Friday, in what it calls the first evidence of crimes against humanity by opposition forces”:

“With regard to the election, we want it as quickly as possible. But realistically we are talking about spring next year. The Tunisian people will decide at the elections whether this government has failed or not” — Rachid Ghanouchi:

It is true that Islam does not require men to wear beards, but that doesn’t justify prohibiting religiously motivated facial hair:

“Manadatory education” means schooling backed by force and violence. Malala’s courage, eloquence, and love of education must be admired, but allowing herself to be used as a shill by those who would impose a particular curriculum on the children of the world is one of the reasons her homies don’t share Westerner’s enthusiasm for the spunky survivor of terrorism:

A “State Dept. spokesperson” says “Mehsud’s group had claimed responsibility for the attempted 2010 bombing of Times Square … as well as many attacks within Pakistan…. The detention apparently angered Karzai and may have contributed to a series of” recent allegations that the U.S. and NATO inflict “suffering on” Afghanistan and violated its sovereignty:

“Libya’s prime minister has denounced his kidnapping this week as an attempted coup and warned that some of the country’s many armed militias want to turn it into ‘another Afghanistan or Somalia’:

As the repression continues, Obama need not have agonized over cutting aid to Egypt — they insist they don’t need it:






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