News and Analysis (10/16/13)

“An internal Hamas poll in February showed 70 percent of Gazans have a negative view of the government’s campaign to collect revenues, [a Muslim Brotherhood member in Gaza] said, after years of anarchy without paying bills” and that “the Brotherhood gives his life meaning but goes astray when it imposes its views on others, especially while in power”:

Participants have “agreed that E3+3 and Iranian nuclear, scientific and sanctions experts will convene before the next meeting to address differences and to develop practical steps,” and the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif “said he hoped the talks would lead to the ‘beginning of a new phase in our relations’ and would help resolve ‘an unnecessary crisis'”:

Americans remember when Iranians held diplomats hostage, and Iranians remember when American shot down a civilian Iranian airliner:

Nowhere in the Qur’an is drug possession a capital crime, yet the state decided Alireza should die for possession of crystal meth. Allah decided he should live. The state is insisting that it have the last word:

“In a long-awaited report on Turkey’s progress toward gaining EU membership, the bloc’s executive arm stressed the country can’t rely alone on the rule of the majority but must seek to include minorities, respect and defend their rights”:

“[C]laims that the publication of reports based on NSA and GCHQ documentation undermined national security prompted a scathing response from United Nations experts on freedom of expression and human rights”:

Montgomery County officials say the closing of schools on Jewish but not Muslim holidays is due to the “secular” impact that the absenteeism in the county, so this year many Muslim parents are keeping their children home on the Eid-al-Adha …

… but oppression, sectarian violence, assassination, and war do not take the Eid day off:

The cut in U.S. aid “is more of a symbolic slap than a punishing wound to Egypt’s new military-backed government for its slog toward a return to democratic rule”

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