News and Analysis (10/18/13)

“Up to 2,200 people have been killed – of whom at least 400 were civilians – according to the Pakistan government. In Yemen, Emmerson’s report says that as many as 58 civilians are thought to have been killed in attacks by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)”:

“While Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was in power, Syrian refugees told Amnesty that they felt safe and protected in Egypt. However, after he was deposed by the military in July, some public figures and parts of the mainstream media started accusing Syrians of being supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and taking part in pro-Morsi demonstrations”:

“The Muslim Lawyers’ Association of Malaysia responded to concerned Christians in Sabah and Sarawak who were worried that the ban also applied to the Bahasa Malaysia bible, the Al-Kitab”:

“Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has vowed that no new mosques will be built in Moscow. He claims that the Muslims praying in streets on holidays are largely Central Asians, guest workers who will eventually go home”:

“Both mayoral candidates, Democrat Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota, say they support the idea. If such a measure were to come to pass, the New York City school district would be the largest in the United States to grant the days off”:

“In the film, the jihadist group, which has also claimed responsibility for the bloody Kenyan Westgate mall attack, singles out specific British Muslims, including Ansar, who have distanced ‘themselves from the mujahideen who carried out these attacks’ as having ‘mutilated the teachings of Islam’:

“There will always be those who will try to demonize other groups. As someone who has long supported Palestinian rights and was critical of the policy of occupation, I find no contradiction between my long-stated opinions on the Middle East and those of CAIR'” — Jacob Bender, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations’ Philadelphia branch:

“[T]he extent of how “radical” some of the messages are is not well demarcated. What passed for radical in some schools, in the language of the report, was stated as: “the effect of the [Islamic] lectures are being felt with some [female] students demanding they be allowed to put-on or wear the hijab [or veil]'” :

Cutting off its nose to spite its face? Calling for unspecified “reforms,” the Saudis fault the UN for failing to resolve the Palestinian problem, allowing nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, and failing to back its position on alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria, Saudi announces its refusal to accept a seat on the Security Council, Saudi has yet to inform the UN:


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