News and Analysis (10/23/13)

“One of the members of the group was strangled until his face turned blue and women in the group were threatened with rape, according to people who witnessed the attack last week. They allege that authorities in Saudi Arabia did not take their complaints seriously and deleted a video one of them had made of the incident”:

“As Egypt’s military-backed government drafts a new constitution in secret, there are worrying signs that political violence is becoming the norm in the Arab world’s largest country” …

… “Authorities have shown little inclination, however, to revisit the much larger death toll — nearly 1,000 — that came in mid-August, when police and soldiers violently dispersed Morsi followers who had set up sprawling protest camps”:

The “scale and intensity” of the “popular rebellion” against “a political/ideological movement that had just realized an 80-year old dream, that believed itself chosen by God to fulfill His will on earth” struck a critical blow at “an Egyptian journalism that already had been in the throes of deep crisis” …

… “One significant cause of the wide range of attacks on Western media is the misperception among Egyptians that … the US media operate according to the rules and regulations of an entity similar to Egypt’s Ministry of Information, an authority that controls the public message and serves as a mouthpiece for the ruling regimes”:

“As an anthropologist who had spent decades living in communities in the Middle East, I was uncomfortable with disjunction between the lives and experiences of Muslim women I had known and the popular media representations …, the politically motivated justifications for military intervention …, and even the well-meaning humanitarian and rights work”:

Neocon insanity alert! Glenn “Beck asked if [Grover] Norquist was a libertarian or if he was ‘playing for the progressive side.’ [Frank] Gaffney said that progressives are not ‘hostile’ to America, but implied that Norquist may be”:

“Libya marks two years since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday, but instead of the freedom and development Libyans had hoped for, the country has fallen deeper into anarchy. Rival Islamist and Western-backed factions are melding with the country’s dizzying array of militias, turning political feuds into armed conflict”:

“In many cases, those killed were civilians whose deaths have gone unacknowledged, according to the two groups, who challenge the myth of the “antiseptic assault” and call the strikes violations of the laws of war that may amount to war crimes or even extra-judicial executions”:

“The transfer could not have been a legitimate deportation of Rohingya back to Myanmar since that country refuses to acknowledge members of the Muslim ethnic minority as citizens and won’t accept their repatriation”:

“A top judge has criticised the astonishing’ £350,000 cost of a legal battle over a couple’s right to shave their disabled daughter’s pubic hair” now that the couple has dropped the case after an “unchallenged” expert testified that there is an exemption that the incapacitated are exempt from the religiously and culturally motivated removal of pubic hair:

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