News and Analysis (10/25/13)

The real scoop in the Washington Post’s story on “cooperation between Pakistan and the US on the drone campaign against alleged militants in that country” is that CIA “claims that it knows civilians are rarely the victims of assassination abroad don’t hold water”:

Catalonia’s socialists compare mosques to nightclubs and say “they should be placed where they won’t bother anyone, in an industrial zone”:

The military junta shares more than just policy (towards Palestinians, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood) and an unhealthy dependence on foreign aid with Israel; it also shares a lobbying agency:

“You will see that we are not disrespecting Islam, asking for same-sex marriage, or harming the sovereignty of Malaysia. Ratifying ICCPR will not encourage apostasy…. Ratifying CERD will not infuse western values into the local justice system. Our legal system is already largely based on the English legal system” – Comango spokesman Honey Tan Lay Ean:

“Talking openly about sex and pleasure has only recently lost its taboo status in the West. It’s true that its public discussion in Muslim cultures is still difficult. However, in private among Muslim women, it’s as of much interest as anywhere in the world” and 1400 years ago “the Prophet Muhammad pronounced that to deny women foreplay was a form of oppression”:

“Government warily observes public reaction as media joins calls for ban on female drivers to be rescinded”:

Ghadhaffi may have been an anarchist in the political sense of the word, but Western intervention has plunged the nation more deeply into anarchy in the common usage of the term:

“The two sides must overcome the dispute – focused on territory that Palestinians want for a state – before the end of November, when a multi-million dollar EU research program called Horizon 2020 is due to be finalized”:

‘As the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia has high demand for clothing that adheres to religious rules emphasizing modesty for women. But as the stylish, colorful and cool outfits at Jakarta Fashion Week showed, the … Nation also aims to be the global leader in the Muslim fashion industry that is worth nearly $100 billion by some estimates”:

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