News and Analysis (10/28/13)

“The media reported that the attack was on a car, but there is no road alongside my mother’s house. Several reported the attack was on a house. But the missiles hit a nearby field, not a house. All reported that five militants were killed. Only one person was killed – a 67-year-old grandmother of nine”

“Thanks to old laws that haven’t been reformed, [Sidi Hassine’s mayor] can’t allocate spending or even hire full-time staff without interior ministry approval”:

Young Muslims in Gujarat say the riots are an issue belonging to the past and they care about the liberalization of the economy,  as Modi pushes for Hindu-Muslim unity; but the older generation of Muslim religious elites are unconvinced of the politician’s sincerity:

“It’s not conceivable for one party to impose their values on others. Could you imagine tourists sneaking in their own alcohol, just to have a good time?” – Nyoman Suwidjana, the secretary general of the Bali Tourism Board:

“Concert organizer Livescape said it received a letter about the decision on the eve of the show that was to be held Saturday at a Kuala Lumpur stadium” even though “Ke$ha and her team had previously agreed to modify their planned show in Malaysia, including making changes to her song lyrics and wardrobe, to comply with the government’s general guidelines for performers”:

“The activists say that no specific law in Saudi Arabia bans women from driving, although women cannot apply for driving licences. Government officials say a ban is in effect because it accords with the wishes of society in the conservative kingdom”:

“The National Union of Somali Journalists … said the raid in Mogadishu on Saturday was connected to stories Radio Shabelle and SkyFM, both part of the Shabelle Media Network, had aired touching on accusations of corruption within government. Police said they were carrying out an eviction order after the network failed to vacate the government-owned building”:

“The military declared an indefinite 24-hour curfew across Yobe state, leaving terrified residents locked into their homes and about 10,000 residents running short of water”:

“With the Syrian National Coalition remaining silent on al Qaeda and economic conditions deteriorating in the northeast, the Kurds have no one to turn to except the PKK and its allies, and the Iraqi Kurdistan government” – Massoud Akko, a prominent Kurdish dissident living in exile in Norway:

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