News and Analysis (10/30/13)

As the Egyptian military continues its crackdown on civil society …

… “judges presiding over the trial of nearly three dozen members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, including its top leader, stepped down Tuesday after security agencies refused to let the defendants attend the courtroom sessions, judicial officials said” …

… and it’s puppet president meets his anti-democratic sponsors in the Gulf:

The department defends spying on Muslims with “the same losing strategy it deployed in the stop-and-frisk litigation” that the targeting of Muslims by the former, like the high percentage of Latinos and blacks targeted by the latter is “to be expected, because these groups committed the most crimes,” which reasoning a federal court rejected as “a defense of racial profiling”:

According to the suit, “The flustered boy couldn’t find his card and sought a little divine assistance. ‘I start in the name of God, the most merciful, the most beneficent….’ The boy found his card and started to board again. But the unidentified driver had a racist melt-down as soon as he heard the Arabic, spewing the slur [‘terrorist’]and forcing the boy back and closing the doors”:

“The attack, which killed two bystanders and the three occupants of the car, was “carefully planned, organized and premeditated,” the police said, according to the official Xinhua news agency. If [so] …, the incident would represent an unprecedented assault on the iconic heart of Beijing, the entrance to the Forbidden City where hangs a portrait of Mao Zedong”:

“The Quran and the Hadith are clear: learning is an honourable pursuit, regardless of gender. The acquisition of knowledge is binding for all Muslims. Those who argue against educating women do so as a result of a cultural bias, one which frustrates the aspirations of Muslim women – and holds back economies” — Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak:

“Ethnic cleansing and forced migration drove Assyrian Christians out of eastern Turkey decades ago, but Prime Minister Erdogan’s policies have drawn a number of them home”:

The negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program seem to be going well …

… but after publishing “an op-ed article on Wednesday that expressed doubts the Prophet Muhammad had appointed a successor — a statement that contradicts the beliefs of Shiite Muslims”,Bahar becomes the latest victim of “”Iran’s judiciary [which] has shut down more than 120 pro-reform newspapers and jailed dozens of editors and writers” in the past 13 years …:

… while in Saudi Arabia, “a columnist who supported ending his country’s ban on women driving… remains in detention with no access to a lawyer”:

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos has a pork barrel project for sure — but not literally:

Contradicting human rights organizations, the Pakistani Defense Ministry claims that “no civilian had died in a drone strike since the beginning of last year”:

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