News and Analysis (12/12/13)

“Judge Mustafa Salama said the case of the Brotherhood’s General Guide Mohamed Badie and fellow defendants, who are charged with inciting the killing of protesters, would be transferred to the Cairo appeals court”:

As the Egyptian regime turns away desperate Syrian refugees, the U.S. and its European allies worry that Turkey isn’t doing enough to crack down on the forces they themselves have inadvertently armed:

“In Islamic teaching you shouldn’t drink alcohol but you can’t impose Islamic law on other people. This is a democracy. To try to impose sharia by force, which is their stated aim, is completely stupid and against Islamic teaching” – Dr Usama Hasan of the anti-extremist group Quilliam:

“The prime minister cited finances and security, but some Israelis say the decision gives fodder to those who say Israel runs an apartheid state” …

… but even the Palestiians, whose cause Mandella championed, reserve their “praise … for how Mandela pushed back against an apartheid regime, rather than on how he embraced the language, literature, and leaders of that regime in a search for national reconciliation”:

The peaceful “demonstrators demanded affirmative action for Dalits (formerly “untouchables”) who have converted to Christianity or Islam”:

“Bangladesh’s Supreme Court on Thursday cleared the way for the execution of an Islamist opposition leader, sparking violent protests by his supporters less than a month before elections are due to be held”:

Human Rights Watch “warns Islamic militants waging an uprising in northeast Nigeria have invoked the lack of justice for attacks on Muslims to justify killing Christians”:

“One particular cookie called Google PREF, which is almost ubiquitous in the online world” acts “as a kind of digital homing beacon for agency operatives to target individual computers and implant spyware inside them, according to the documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden to The Washington Post”:

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