New and Analysis (12/14/13)

“The US government has been lying for years about Robert Levinson, a man kidnapped in Iran after being sent there as part of a rogue CIA operation. Some media have been playing along”:

We can believe that Gen. Sisi aspires to be a dictator in the same class as Time’s 1938 (Adolf Hitler) or 1939 (Joseph Stalin) “Man of of the year” choices, but he’s got a long way to go:

Here are sources on the history of the Christian-Muslim violence in the Central African Republic and the latest developments:

“The wave of violence will further worry observers already concerned by the prospect of chaos in the unstable south Asian state ahead of elections in early January”:

“Demonstrators gathered on Friday despite heavy rains and unprecedented low temperatures to support dozens of students arrested by authorities in recent weeks. Some of them made a four-finger hand gesture used to remember the violent breakup of an Islamist sit-in by security forces in mid-August that left hundreds dead”:

“While much of the public has supported tough security measures against the group, societal norms in the majority-Muslim country may cause some to chafe at action against women and girls, even those protesting against the revered army”:

It reflects “the extent to which the Islamic Front alliance [IF] has eclipsed the more moderate Free Syrian Army brigades – which Western and Arab powers tried in vain to build into a force able to topple President Bashar al-Assad. The talks could also decide the future direction of the [IF], which is engaged in a standoff with yet more” extreme al-Qaida linked forces:

Americans “threaten” to withdraw from Afghanistan, but Karzai will believe that when he sees it:

“The Iran-Pakistan pipeline is designed to help Pakistan overcome its mushrooming energy needs. Pakistanis experience frequent blackouts” but the “U.S. has opposed the project but leaders of both Iran and Pakistan have vowed to implement what they refer to as the ‘peace pipeline'”:


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