News and Analysis (4/7/14)

The new law guarantees the corruption of Mubarak’s crony capitalism will not be reversed by legal intervention:

“211 voting centers out of 6,212 nationwide did not open due to security concerns. But in many cases Afghans surprised themselves – especially in urban centers – as ballots ran short in one-third of Afghan provinces and officials estimated a record high turnout of 60 percent of registered voters. Women voted in high numbers”:

“For refusing to remove her headscarf or putting an MTA logo on it, Lewis was fired, “leaving the diabetic not only without an income but without health insurance to pay for her insulin” when the MTA refused to rehire her in violation of a contract arbitrator’ order:

“Investigative reporter Porter’s meticulously documented account tells the tale of how the government lied again and again to make a fabricated from full cloth case, which he describes as a “false narrative,” against Iran … [when] the US and Israeli governments both knew … that Iran had no nuclear weapons program … [to create] a crisis where none existed”:

“The one thing that everybody can relate to is comedy…. We just thought what a great way to bring some self-deprecating laughter and take the images and visuals that people perceive of us and create stories based off of it which make people think, which educate and of course make people laugh” – Imran Husain, co-founder of “The Okra” fictitious news website:

“There is no clear indication yet of what form Israeli unilateral action could take, but the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that it could include the withholding of taxes collected by Israel from the Palestinian Authority (PA). Israel last did so in 2012, sparking unrest in the Israeli-occupied West Bank”:

The “challenge is how to cut government costs without triggering the kind of discontent that toppled Ben Ali, whose overthrow was caused partly by grievances over unemployment and high costs that are still very real for many Tunisians”:

A “presidential decree gave the military the right to manage all undeveloped non-agricultural land – 87% of the country, by one estimate. In … Cairo, this translates to massive, walled plots of land in lucrative locations, monitored from watchtowers.” Mislabeled as military zones they are “to be transformed into hotels, housing for military officers or upmarket malls”:

“Dutch judges threw out attempts by the women to also sue the United Nations, saying the world body has legal immunity”:

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