News and Analysis (4/21/14)

“‘We all want Sissi [to be president], and that’s it,’ one gray-haired patron yelled at the young men, referring to Egypt’s popular presidential candidate, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi. Another man accused Mustafa and his friends of endangering the country’s stability with their views and threatened to call the police”:

“[A]n appeals court overturned the acquittal last month on the eve of a byelection …where he was tipped to become chief minister. Not only did the conviction rely on a witness of doubtful testimony, the appeal was led by the government and the lead prosecutor suddenly did an about-face and switched to Anwar’s defence team”:

“A tale of two rock throwing teens, highlights disparities in Israeli justice system in the West Bank, where Israelis are live under civilian rule and Palestinians are governed by military law”:

Criticizing “those who consider women’s presence society as a threat,” President Rouhani said, “We will not accept the culture of sexual discrimination”:

“Riyadh sees the Brotherhood, which has embraced politics, as an ideological rival and a model that threatens its own governance, since some of the strongest domestic opposition comes from Sunni Islamist groups … [and senses] a window of opportunity with Qatar’s relatively young and untested emir”:

Imam Suhail Mulla said that “imams at a regional religious leaders’ meeting in January … agreed that, while they will not modify traditional Islamic teachings on sexuality, they do not want to drive gay Muslims away from mosques.” He said, “We’re not going to shun people from our community”:

It wasn’t clear if a ransom had been paid for their release, nor which group in Syria’s civil war held the men…. [A]t least 30 journalists are being held and 52 have been killed since Syria’s civil war began in early 2011. The widespread seizure of journalists is unprecedented, and has been largely unreported” …

… “while Of the estimated 150,000 killed in Syria in the last three years, at least 58,000 were regime fighters – an estimated 20,000 more than the opposition”:

Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani, a prominent imam and scholar, has taken a stand for coexistence with the country’s Baha’i minority. He has reminded us that Islam is a religion of peace that recognises diversity of every kind as part of God’s design for his creation

“Yemeni military officials say a US drone struck a vehicle carrying suspected al-Qaida militants as well as a passing car carrying civilians Saturday”:



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