News and Analysis (5/19/14)

Goodluck Jonathan tries to paint Boko Haram as a Nigerian al-Qaida, but the interventionism he courts in support of his repressive regime is what turns national terrorists into international terrorists …

… and the spillover of the intervention into Libya is what provided heavy arms to Boko Haram in the first place …

… beyond the chaos it has introduced ito Libya:

“The parliament speaker said that claims she was raised as non-Muslim are untrue. She is a Muslim raised in an Islamic environment and her brother, a Muslim, filed the complaint against her … [that] alleges she went missing for several years and her family was shocked to find out she married a Christian…

… but a leading British Muslim thinker Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui” says that the Qur’an mandates “freedom  of religion. The idea that former Muslims should be put to death was introduced later as part of ‘man-made sharia’law” and is “being debated by Muslim scholars around the world”:

Muslim support for BJP has increased …

… yet this “It is the first time that a ruling party has no Muslims in the Lok Sabha, the apparent Modi “wave” having failed to impact the BJP’s Muslim candidates. The party had fielded seven Muslims among 482 candidates (1.45 per cent) and all lost”:

“An Egyptian court acquitted 169 Muslim Brotherhood supporters charged in connection with unrest that followed the overthrow of president Mohamed Mursi last year, breaking a pattern of mass convictions at trials involving the Islamist opposition”:

“Producers have asked her to censor her own jokes, telling her that she is “too conceptual, theoretical, laden with message,” but the stakes are too high for Sakdiyah to shut up…. Great comedy mirrors the hypocrisy of a culture, which means it hurts real bad”:

“The Corrie family will ask Israel’s highest court on Wednesday to overturn a 2012 judgment by a lower court in Haifa … that, by entering a conflict area and impeding the work of the bulldozers [demolishing the homes of Palestinians] , Corrie was responsible for her own death”:

“The arrests seems to signal a shift in relations between the mining company and the government.” Questions have been “asked about mine owner Alp Gürkan’s political connections. His wife is said to be a local councillor for the governing party and his company leases several publicly owned coal mines”:

The fate of the Iranian reconciliation with the West is still unclear:

“The judge dismissed the case after police produced a letter from the Ministry of Interior attesting that the agent was allowed to carry a weapon while in Pakistan and therefore any ammunition was legal”:

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