News and Analysis (6/26/14)

Islam in Australia arrived around 1500-1600, where Makassans, sea cucumbers Muslim traders left a legacy and “Islamic beliefs [ that] influenced Aboriginal mythology… Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had regular contact with Muslims long before the arrival of Christian colonizers” …

…. After the Bendigo Mosque debate, a Victorian woman  protests by unleashing colorful balloons as a “peaceful counter-protest to a fierce campaign raging against the development of a mosque in the regional city of Bendigo” :

In Ukraine,  Mufti Said Ismagov urges Ukrainain Muslims to remain neutral and stay out of civil war… saying “We were free to practice Islam, perform prayers and fast during the Holy Ramadan. Moreover, there is plenty of ethnic Ukrainians who converted to Islam”:

Under US pressure, Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki struck “a conciliatory tone as he called for political unity to tackle al-Qaeda inspired militants as they swept forward in the western province of Anbar” …

… and as ISIS continues its march towards Baghdad, seizing oil fields and attacked one of Iraq largest airbase, “U.S. special forces troops and intelligence analysts arrived to help Iraqi security forces counter a mounting Sunni insurgency” …

… but John Kerry “ruled out U.S. air strikes in Iraq so long as its government remains fractured along sectarian lines and incapable of combating extremist Sunni militants who are capturing towns in the country’s north,” warning that there’s nothing there that provides the capacity for success” :

Despite solicitation of not always heeded advice from one Muslim group, MPAC, “The Tyrant” has come under fire from another, CAIR, but TV critics have been appalled on their own.  One calling it “clumsily written and stultifyingly acted … with tired and terribly broad notions of Muslim culture”:

The lawyer calling for Bala’s release seeks a second opinion to dispute claims of “the father and physicians … [that] Bala has psychological problems that predate his renunciation of Islam” to sue “because it is against Nigerian law and constitutional human rights to hold someone against their will”:

“Muslims up and down the country contribute a huge amount to their local communities, as local councilors, school Governors, charity trustees and in countless other roles,” said the deputy PM of Britain in a statement to the largest Islamic group:

Meanwhile in Brazil, the world cup has attracted many fans, but also, served as an occasion to attract those who are interested in Islam, where “Mission Da`wah from the British Islamic Education and Research Academy” took the chance to explain the teachings of Islam:


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