News and Analysis (11/3/14)

Not only can NSA spy on US citizens and without a warrant, they have allowed at least one foreign power to do so as well:

“Several hundred Egyptian journalists have rejected a recent policy declaration by newspaper editors pledging near-blind support to the state and banning criticism of the police, army and judiciary in their publications, arguing that the move was designed to create a one-voiced media”:

The politicization of Islam “reduces faith to conformity to prescribed conduct, completely ignoring its spiritual and internal dimensions. It gives supreme moral authority to lesser authorities…” Believers are changed from willing servants of God into pawns state compulsion:

“The sustained bloodshed appears to demonstrate the group’s resilience to the U.S. air strikes that have been targeting its fighters in Iraq and Syria. [The tribal chief] said he had repeatedly asked the Shi’ite-led central government in Baghdad for arms but that his pleas were ignored”:

“The Islamist-affiliated militias in control of Tripoli have accused Egypt of bombing their allies, who hold power in the eastern city of Benghazi” and have introduced “visa restrictions is likely to be a politically motivated move to put pressure on Cairo”:

The Israeli “activists” seeking to provoke a violent reaction at the Dome of the Rock aim to build “Judaism’s Third Temple on the site, which would require the destruction of both the Dome of the Rock and, many Muslims believe, the nearby Al Aqsa mosque”:

“[T]he man had been observing the first day of the holy ritual of Ashura…. A friend of the victim said threats by alleged Islamic State (Isis) supporters had been made during the evening, before the shooting”:

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