News and Analysis (11/11/14)

“Well known journalist and Egyptian author, Hani Shukrallah, tweeted ‘#Orwell’s_1984 never more popular in #Egypt, shared left & right on FB, thanks to police arrest of student in possession of the novel’,” but was the book the reason he was arrested? As one would expect in the increasingly Orwellian Egypt, “[t]he charges against the student remain unclear”:

Jordan’s foolish mixing of religion and state sets in a path to extremism; the open question is whether that extremism will end up secular (as in Egypt), religious (as in Saudi) or violent (as in IS):

With a third intifada on the verge of eruption …

… Abbas blames (predictably) Israel and (also predictably) Hamas, but not (naturally) Fatah, nor (remarkably) Islamic Jihad (which “claimed responsibility Monday evening for the stabbing attack in southern West Bank“):

Does no one remember what happened after Eisenhower sent “advisers” to Vietnam?

“The university, which is counted among India’s best, allows all graduates to use the Maulana Azad library but some 2,500 under-graduate women are banned” and told to use the less well-stocked library at the Women’s College. “Aren’t we part of AMU? At least let us borrow books, if we can’t sit inside”, asked one student:

In Mubi, unidentified Boko Haram leaders haveĀ ordered shops to reopen … and … provided security for the weekly market…. There are reports that Boko Haram is paying for anything they take from the shops” and it has permitted residents free movement including use of motorcycles, which are “banned in some parts of [government-controlled] Adamawa”:

“US laws ban the sale of lethal weapons to countries whose military are accused of gross human rights abuses” …

… “With the Nigerian military accounting for the largest single budget item in West Africa’s largest nation, why the Army appears to be incapable of protecting people has become a raging question bringing tension and great disappointment”:

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