News and Analysis (11/13/14)

The Montgomery County School Board preferred to take Christmas off the calendar than mention the Eid al Adha:

Wondering what all the treasure and lives spent on Afghanistan has bought us?

Experiences such as the suggestion that a Cosby-like parody about an American Muslim family would be made realistic by adding “a terrorist uncle who lived in the basement with a goat … radicalized” Aasif Mandvi into “the jihadist of irony”:

“The men were reportedly lured from their homes by the soldiers with the promise of money and jobs but then shot dead … four years ago. They were then falsely described as Pakistani militants. The staged killings led to protests and bloodshed in the Kashmir Valley”:

The history of “the unusual economic independence of the woman Muhammad married – and his approval of her sovereign existence … is often missing from the narrative within and about Islam” but Muslim women are once again becoming “a significant economic force”:

Video from security cameras suggested [two teenagers] were shot despite posing no immediate threat to the troops”:

It’s a setback for conservative  rival Gulf states which have sought to marginalize Qatar for its support of the relatively more democratic Muslim Brotherhood:

“Nearly three years after Yemen ousted a decades-old dictatorship and began a political transition aimed at preventing civil war, the fragile nation is once again on the brink of disaster”:

Having liberated the village from the IS, the Kurdish peshmerga have turned it over to a Christian militia of its former inhabitants to enable it other residents to return …

… while the Iraqi government shakes up its corrupt military amid reports that the “US-led coalition against the so-called Islamic State and other extremists in neighboring Syria have killed more than 860 people, including civilians”:

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