News and Analysis (11/23/14)

“The state security prosecutor general ordered Mr. Bani Rushaid’s arrest on charges of harming relations with a friendly country, according to Brotherhood officials and local media reports citing unnamed government officials” …

… while in Egypt, a notorious judge referred five of the six [defense] lawyers … to prosecutors for investigation, which is unprecedented in Egypt.” The entire defense team has withdrawn from the case in protest. The union backed their decision, telling members to boycott Shehata’s court”:

“Mr. Obama’s order allows American forces to carry out … a broader mission than the president described to the public earlier this year, according to several administration, military and congressional officials with knowledge of the decision”:

“Secular and humanist campaigners have welcomed an increase in inspections, saying that for too long the UK has allowed religious communities to ‘enforce their own values and traditions’ on children.” Meaning: “We want to enforce secular humanist values on other peoples’ children”:

Erdogan’s misreading of Columbus’s metaphorical reference to a rock formation as a mosque may have been silly, but the overreaction of his critics to his claim of pre-Columbian Muslim visitors to the West says as much about their prejudices as about his unscientific political posturing:

Muslim workers who sorted mail DHL said management reversed a policy that had allowed flexible break time for workers to say required evening prayers…. The prayers took about five minutes, workers said”:

“Good for you for saying out loud what 90 percent [of citizens] want” –Eran Kraus, supporter oft he mayor’s proposed racist policy:

“The Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis’ Muslim Student Association helped organize the funeral service for Kassig, whom some of the group’s members knew”:

“The transfer brings the detainee population of a prison Barack Obama has vowed for six years to close down to 142 men, 72 of whom the Pentagon considers pose little enough threat as to be eligible for transfer”:

“We were the first to enter this cycle of change which they have called the Arab Spring. We will be the first [to make the transition] but others will follow” — Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa:

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