News and Analysis (11/25/14)

“Obama is positioning the US for more war. His dismissal of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel today appears to be because the job the Nebraska Republican was brought in to do is no longer the task at hand”:

“The witch-hunt of Muslim schools is part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘muscular liberal’ approach to [target] … children at Muslim schools … to adopt secular liberal values from a young age, and what better way to do this by conflating normative Islamic beliefs with extremism?”

“[T]echnical details are not the main reason why they need more time to talk. At the heart of the talks there still is no agreement on the vital equation – the amount of uranium that Iran would be able to enrich, and the extent to which sanctions against it would be lifted”:

Erdogan blames feminism that “in Anatolia .. [o]ur poor mothers suffered immensely and got hunchbacks while the men were playing cards and rolling dice at teahouses. What women need is … to be equivalent, rather than equal. Because equality turns the victim into an oppressor and vice versa”:

“Military attacks against this deviant group (IS) are necessary but insufficient. The roots of their violent ideology must be dried up. This is the job of Muslim scholars, to preach the true, moderate face of Islam and expose the ugly face of IS ideology” — Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi:

“Tunisia has become a marketplace of ideas. Yesterday’s election featured 22 candidates from an initial 27 (five dropped out). One, magistrate Kalthoum Kannou, made history as Tunisia’s first female presidential candidate”:

As Israel resumes its immoral, ineffective, and counter-productive policy of collective punishment …

…”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was determined to pass … [t]he bill … ‘expressing the fact that Israel is the national state of the Jewish people and only theirs, alongside preserving the rights of every single citizen of the state of Israel'” [emphasis added]:

A “large proportion of those tweeting … argued that the problem was not religious law per se, but a flawed understanding and interpretation of it…. Others found the hashtag to be offensive to Muslims”:

“They will keep making the same mistakes – closing mosques, arresting Somalis… They know the tactic is not working. They should look at other counterterror measures… but there is no political goodwill to do that” — a former Kenyan security official:

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