News and Analysis (11/28/14)

“The law would allow Arab Israelis found guilty of throwing Molotov cocktails and even firecrackers to be banished to Gaza; would deny families of assailants the right to bury their dead; and would expose anyone who waved a Palestinian flag at a demonstration to loss of their health and social security benefits”:

“In the 39 years I’ve been doing this, it’s the first time I’ve seen defendants’ counsel turn around and apologize on behalf of his clients to the plaintiffs.  I think more adults should apologize to young people; I think it would be a better world.” —

“Seventy-eight boys have been sentenced to up to five years in prison by an Egyptian court for being present at Muslim Brotherhood protests” …

… and the junta warns that it is prepared to use lethal force against pending protests being called the “Muslim Youth Intifada“:

“[T]he tendency to look for moderate Islam … reduces content of religious change to strategic ideological change and views modernity as something external to Muslims…. Furthermore, it ignores the capacity of civil religious actors in renewing culture and bringing about change”:

“Too often, the media suggests that there are only two options when discussing solutions for Syria: the tyranny of the Assad regime or ISIS style extremism. But there is a third option…. [T]he multitude of Syrians that desire freedom and democracy … [includes] many Syrian Muslim clerics”:

“A 2013 poll found that Muslim communities give more to charity than any other religious group in Britain, and that Muslim charities form one of the fastest-growing areas in the charity sector. However, the latter … face a perfect storm of negative press and disproportionate regulation”:

“It’s not a delaying tactic; their logic is close to that of the P5+1,” according to Iran specialist Farideh Farhi , who adds that as “the deadline approached, and gaps remained, the Iranians could have walked away, but instead, like the P5+1 diplomats, ‘looked each other in the eye and decided, “no”‘”:

“[O]n the whole, traditional Muslim scholars were not duped by the Nazis. Even when it became clear that the colonial powers were not keen on granting the Muslims in the Middle East, Africa and Asia the right of self-determination, they rejected the idea of an alliance with the Germans”:

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