News and Analysis (2/19/15)

Violence against women evokes no outrage when the victims are Muslims:

“[T]he leader of Oslo’s Jewish community at first said that he would support the event only if at least 30 Muslims promised to attend – nearly 800 people have said they will attend the planned ‘peace ring’ … according to the event’s Facebook page“, which adds, “Islam is about rising above hate”:

U.S. military commanders thought the former Chicago cop’s “knack for getting confessions” was just what they needed. Unfortunately his “knack” was nothing moire than brutal torture that extorted false confessions from helpless captives:

“The Israeli Supreme Court’s rejection of an appeal for damages by the family of Rachel Corrie … ‘sends a dangerous message to Israeli armed forces that they can escape accountability for wrongful actions,” Human Rights Watch, based in New York, said this week in a statement“:

It’s hard to swallow Erdogan’s claim that the bill, criticized by opponents for violating civil liberties,  is only “aimed at protecting social order and social peace” when Turkey can’t even keep order and peace in its parliament:

“Despite Qatar’s concerns, the Arab League put out a statement on Wednesday expressing its ‘complete understanding’ over Egypt’s air strikes and threw its weight behind Cairo’s call for a lifting of the arms embargo on the Libyan army”:

“Until now, Egypt has barely registered in the US-led coalition against IS, insisting it needs to needs to reserve its military might for the fight in Sinai, which is under de facto military occupation”:


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