News and Analysis (5/18/15)

“As an independent academic and scholar, I will continue to uphold and defend democratic values, human rights and national reconciliation. These are the exact values that Egypt needs at the moment…. I believe this is the essence of why I was targeted and what my case is all about” …

… The court also passed the capital punishment … [a Palestinian] held in Israeli jails for the past 19 years, and … serving a jail term of 48 life sentences plus 20 years for resisting the Israeli occupation: as well as two men killed by Israel during their wars against Gaza last summer and in 2008 …

… “‘Ultimately, if the verdict is carried out, it will push many Islamist youths further away from peaceful political participation, and make it virtually impossible to achieve political reconciliation in Egypt….’ [E]ven Egyptians who did not like Morsi’s politics think the sentence was excessive”:

After seizure of Ramadi by “forces of the self-declared Islamic State seized over the weekend [in] the group’s biggest victory of the year to date” Iraq reluctantly let’s “militias – which have been coordinating with Iraqi forces, the US-led coalition providing air support, and Iranian militias” loose on Ramadi:

Jerusalem’s patriarch noted that “[t]he canonizations of the two Palestinians were the first of their kind ‘since the days of the apostles,'” and Mahmoud Abbas said canonization “affirms our determination to build a sovereign, independent and free Palestine based on the principles of equal citizenship”:

“[A] 12-year-old girl who asked a judge for permission to marry. The female judge refused, based on her age. A year later, the girl came back pregnant and again asked for permission. Because in Moroccan culture it’s very important that a child carry the family name of the father, the judge had to reconsider”:

“Luther … demanded that German peasants revolting against their feudal overlords be ‘struck dead’, comparing them to ‘mad dogs’, and authored On the Jews and Their Lies … and called for the destruction of Jewish homes and synagogues…. Hardly a poster boy for reform and modernity for Muslims in 2015”:

“Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported heavy shelling by Saudi forces at Houthi outposts across the border after the fighters fired mortars at an army post in Saudi Arabia’s southern Najran province…. There was no word on casualties in the incidents”:

A former congressional candidate has admitted plotting to kill residents and destroy a mosque and school in a Muslim village in New York state…. Said a Muslim observer, “All would agree, if a Muslim did this, the perpetrator would be immediately identified as a terrorist then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”:

“Formerly, Egypt’s stock market was free of any taxation on profits. However, last July, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb applied taxes on dividends and capital gains, worth 10 percent each”:

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