News and Analysis (5/21/15)

The full panel overturned a previous decision in favor of an actress who had been defrauded into participating in the project as a case of unconstitutional “prior restraint” because ” copyright law is not intended to protect people from the type of harm Garcia claimed to have suffered”:

“Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said Malaysia and Indonesia … said the two countries ‘greed to provide them temporary shelter provided that the resettlement and repatriation process will be done in one year by the international community'”:

Appreciative of the liberty modern life accords women, Huda Jawad “never dared to open” the Qur’an until she learned how to “critically engage with it”, embarking on the “thrilling experience [of] a direct and unmediated conversation with God” that ignited a “passion for Islamic feminism” …

… while in Egypt, “feminists differ over whether laws need to be reformed to better reflect the original Islamic jurisprudence or whether the religiously-based laws should be tossed out all together”:

“In the euphoria and sense of relief that followed my release, one important fact seems to have been lost: that all three of us are still on trial on nonexistent evidence, and that I am in danger of being convicted once again for the same baseless charges” — Peter Greste:

“Libya, which has descended into near anarchy since NATO warplanes helped rebels overthrow Gaddafi in a 2011 civil war, is now the third big stronghold for the Sunni Islamist group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, which declared a Caliphate to rule over all Muslims from territory it holds in Syria and Iraq”:

The terrorist state’s seizure of a famed archaeological site refutes speculation that they are in retreat:

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