News and Analysis (6/18/15)

“Although the new law isn’t unique to one community, it allows Muslim-owned restaurants and other businesses to accommodate the community during Ramadan” by suspending the restriction that they must close by 10 p.m.:

Abukar Arman calls for heads of Muslim nations to seek advice from Qur’an to stop oppression:

Fighting between the Houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia-led coalition continues, despite peace talks in Geneva:

Dan Murphy rejects former Israeli ambassador claim that the Obama administration has “abandoned” Israel, showing that neither one of the supposed policies regarding the countries relations actually exists…

…Alon Ben-Meir calls for US to actually change their policy: “Netanyahu […] takes American political support for granted. When he realizes he can no longer do so, he will have to […] develop new plans that will advance the peace process, or resign”:

A new study shows that the attacks on Muslims in Britain have risen after terrorist attacks have been committed outside of UK…

… And in Beijing – supposedly to “crack down on ‘religious extremists'” - the city conducts surveillance on mosques and bans fasting during Ramadan:

“Unlike the [U.S.], the U.K. does not have a strict, constitutionally mandated separation of church and the state….”Telling the faithful what their religion does or does not allow” is nothing new and in India “the British codified Islamic law and eliminated the plurality of the multiple schools of Islamic thought”:

“As with many previous extremists, Isis’s latest British recruits seem to have been maladjusted misfits: estranged from co-religionists rather than bound to them…. [F]orces other than faith are at play. One of them is the dynamic that draws young men elsewhere towards gangs”:

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