News and Analysis (7/8/15)

The decision to let Robert Doggart, who threatened to conduct a terrorist attack against Muslims, out of custody highlights the different ways Muslims and non-Muslims are treated in the criminal justice system …

… and another man gets no jail time for threatening a Muslim man, even though he previously had stabbed a Muslim while yelling “I will kill you Muslim”:

When he “complained about the airing of a video on the radicalization of children during a training class that was supposed to teach troopers how to recognize weapons of mass destruction” he branded a budding terrorist:

The American Association for Public Opinion Research explains why Frank Gaffney’s “poll” smearing Muslims cannot represent its intended population, saying, “the pollster has no idea who is responding to the question”:

A Swedish politician “wants to ban halal meat in schools” before it turns the entire nation’s youth into Muslims:

US military’s goal to assist and train people in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS will be more complicated and prolonged than the administration anticipated:

The fighting between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi hits civilians the hardest and leads to Al-Qaeda and Daesh advancing in the country …

… and many of the bombs and rockets used in the Saudi attacks on Yemen, called violations of International Law by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, were bought from the US:

Whether or not one supports the SCOTUS’ gay marriage ruling (which should apply to polygamous marriages), one should understand Reza Aslan and Hassan Minhaj’s arguments for embracing the rights of despised minorities …

… case in point, the inebriates in York need to embrace the right of Muslims to abstain:

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