News and Analysis (8/12/15)

Dr. Salaita’s tweets implicate every “central concern” of the First Amendment … (regulation of political speech, regulation of speech in a public forum, and regulation based on the content of the speech)”:

Support of liberal Islam “ought to be kept separate from counter-terrorism, … [or] you are unlikely to bring the likes of Luton’s Salafists … against Isis … if their peaceful extremism is treated as indistinguishable from violent forms”:

A unanimous ruling “that non-Muslims were eligible to practise as Shariah lawyers” means a religious council “refusal to process an application of a non-Muslim lawyer to practise as a Shariah lawyer … [exceeds] its legal powers”:

Many “say these attacks were entirely preventable, if only authorities had heeded the warnings of parents whose radicalized sons had traveled to Syria, presumably for explosives training”:

The truce “adds to recent signs of new efforts in the region to end diplomatic deadlock over a conflict that has killed a quarter of a million people, made 10 million homeless, left swathes of Syria in the hands of Islamic State militants”:

“Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni’s outburst early Wednesday on Libya TV, and the confusion surrounding it, shows the chaos still gripping Libya years after the ouster and killing of dictator Moammar Gadhafi“:

Although collective punishment is harâm, IS had “threatened to kill Salopek …unless Egypt’s government freed ‘Muslim women’ from prison” and “accused Croatia of participating in ‘the war against the Islamic State'”:

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