News and Analysis (8/14/15)

The agreement is “the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” and a precondition for any conceivable “international support for military action against Iran”:

Ignoring the vast majority of Muslim women to celebrate a few who fit our stereotypes of what a woman should be by Western secular standards “makes us part of … [an]  oppressive [system] … responsible for the ‘othering” of others”:

Contradicting Kayla Mueller’s letter to her family that her only suffering “throughout this whole experience … is only in knowing how much suffering I have put you all through“, the US claims Baghdadi himself raped the American …

… based on reports from Yazidi girls claiming to have been enslaved and similarly abused:

A Moroccan official says, “Criminality can be remedied through the legal system, but then there’s ideology, and it can only be fought with ideology.” Beny Avni opines that in Casablanca, “they’ve fended off extremists for 12 centuries”:

“[I]n recent years, al-Azhar has grown increasingly politicized…. [O]fficials have grown entangled with controversial policies. And … respect for the institution’s long-honored religious authority has plummeted”:

“10 years [after 9/11] we … have two Muslim members of Congress, visible representation of Muslims on mainstream TV … a president with ‘Hussein’ as his middle name, and increasingly nuanced and complex journalism covering Islam”:

Attorney Steven Wax “remains troubled that the government might still possess classified evidence that could have helped Mohamud’s case. ‘The way our system should work, the government is obligated by law to provide notice,’ he said”:

“U.S. intelligence agencies have said in the past they believed Islamic State has used chlorine gas in attacks in Iraq…. Chlorine is not a banned chemical agent”:

“Last month, Israel’s parliament passed a law allowing the force-feeding of inmates…. The Israel Medical Association (IMA) is challenging the law in Israel’s Supreme Court. They urged physicians to stick by the body’s ethical code”:

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