News and Analysis (8/17/15)

On top of lying about how and why the government killed over a thousand people at Rabaa Square a new report shows Egypt even lied about whom they were shooting and why they were there …

… and new laws have such an extremely broad definition of “terrorism” that “Critics and human rights groups say the laws are a throwback to those under prior President Hosni Mubarak, and will be used to ‘crush all forms of dissent'”:

Bin Ladin’s primary enemy was “not the United States, as we often think, or the West. It’s other Muslims” and even his “declaration of war” on the U.S. mainly targeted Saudi corruption; 9/11 is almost never mentioned:

European Muslim youth seek to “discursively and practically move toward ways of living and being in Islam that are European” having found that “living in Europe has given them the freedom to critically engage with their faith”:

Their “faith in democracy and political activism has been crushed as Turkey, simultaneously with joining the US-led anti-IS alliance, recently launched a vigorous campaign of arrests and airstrikes against the PKK”:

“If we can show our youth how to engage communities and engage the world around them in a healthy productive, positive way, we can counter the effects of ISIS and their ability to steal our youth away” — Entrepreneur Chris Blauvelt:

“The play set out to explore some of the factors that might cause someone to be attracted to Muslim extremists. The cancellation has infuriated some of Britain’s leading figures in the world of arts and human rights”:

“Cultural and language barriers keep us from fully integrating into the Muslim community; bigotry keeps pushing us further from the conservative Christian nation around us. But we … have each other and we have our faith”:

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