News and Analysis (4/19/15)

By supporting the Israeli lobby’s effort to sabotage the best hope for insuring Iran will not obtain a nuclear weapon, Senator Robert Menendez does nothing to lend credibility to his denial of corruption charges for which he was indicted last April:

“Even Senator Lindsey Graham candidly warned back in 2012 that the GOP is losing the demographic battle because “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term“:

“An armed member of a volunteer group guarding an Oklahoma gun store that recently declared itself ‘Muslim-free’ has accidentally shot himself, according to local media” …

… while “George Zimmerman is raising money for himself and the owner of [the] ‘Muslim-free’ gun shop by raffling off an original painting of the Confederate flag”:

“The decision did little to resolve a debate over Israel’s controversial practice of holding suspects without charge, or a new law permitting force feeding of hunger strikers.” This was “to be the first test of the law before he fell unconscious” …

… “Israel is currently holding 340 Palestinians in administrative detention. Last month, it took the rare step of placing three young Israeli ultranationalists in administrative detention” after an arson killed a Palestinian toddler and his father:

“Mehr must be paid immediately after the nikaah [marriage contract], and is in fact one of the seven conditions for a nikaah to be valid; and yet a large number of men (44 per cent according to the BMMA poll) get away without paying it”:

“I fast, I pray, I believe in one god, I give to charity, I’ve been on pilgrimage. All I do know is I exist. I’m gay, I’m Muslim, I’m a drag queen, I’m British, I’m a Pakistani. People say that all these things shouldn’t fit right together but hey, here I am”:

“He refused to reveal the location of treasures in the site. The extremist group held the 81-year old scholar for about a month before murdering him in front of dozens in a square outside the town’s museums” …

… yet, rather than “a terrorist organisation, pure and simple …  Isis is a hybrid of insurgency, separatism, terrorism and criminality, with deep roots in its immediate local environment, in broader regional conflicts and in geopolitical battles”:

“The parliamentary report alleged that Maliki had an inaccurate picture of the threat to Mosul because he chose corrupt commanders and failed to hold them accountable. Maliki … blamed … a conspiracy planned in Ankara” and then Erbil:

“Anti-rebel fighters have failed to push the rebels and their allies out of the Aqaba Tharaa area, which they took control of a day earlier in a similar attack”:

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