News and Analysis (8/27/15)

“Lord Justice Clarke of the appeal court upheld an earlier ruling to stay the deportation of people originating from all but three Afghan provinces…. However, at least one person from another province was returned despite the court order”:

“The general guideline was set by Prophet Muhammad when he ordered that women be allowed to freely attend the masjid…. Thus we call on all our masjids to be welcoming to women — such that their experience at the masjid be uplifting and not demeaning”:

Is Muslim hip hop haram? “We have good intentions and in our religion intention is everything,” say the team that remixed “I think I found myself a cheerleader” to “I think I found myself a Believer” and “I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby” to “I make dua [supplication] for that lady”:

“[S]ixteen Iranians [are] jailed in the United States for bypassing sanctions, and around 60 prisoners … for other crimes. California-born [Jason] Rezaian faces charges of collecting confidential information and handing it to hostile governments … and acting against national security” in Iran:

How to counter ISIS recruitment? Both ordinary young Muslims and ex-hirabis are providing ideas:

“As part of Isis ‘Cyber Caliphate,’ Hussain is also believed to have aided Isis in obtaining the passwords of the US Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts in January and briefly using them to send pro-Isis messages”:

“When it comes to data that is being combed by GhostSec adhering to a plot or a threat including criminal activity, the FBI evaluates it with a degree of skepticism; they prefer to work directly with sources rather than anonymous groups” — Michael S. Smith II, a former FBI agent:

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