News and Analysis (9/5/15)

A capitalist’s solution to the refugees problem:

A close look revels that “conservative” concern about application of “Sharia law” in the U.S. is actually antipathy towards individual liberty:

Saudi Arabia is satisfied with assurances from U.S. President Barack Obama about the Iran nuclear deal and believes the agreement will contribute to security and stability in the Middle East, a senior Saudi official said on Friday” …

… but “the GCC and Iran as well as Iraq should explicitly put all their concerns about one another out into the open and work to resolve their differences through the establishment of a regional system that emphasizes political, security, economic and military cooperation“:

“In a new sign that Iran might consider freeing Jason Rezaian, a powerful Iranian politician tells NPR that there are “practical” ways to liberate the Washington Post reporter and other American prisoners” of which a prisoner swap is only one:

“The elections were seen as an important test of the popularity of the Islamist-led government which came to power after the pro-democracy demonstrations of the 2011 Arab Spring and face new parliamentary elections next year”:

“Such is the composure and eloquence of his subject, so staggeringly self-assured yet allergic to conceit, so formidable and wise beyond almost anyone’s years, you can’t but be deeply inspired…. It is all but impossible for such a study to not stray into hagiography”:

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