News and Analysis (12/12/06)

Now that Ethiopia is itself 50% Muslim, it’s prospective intervention into Somalia could have unintended consequences:

Terrorist bait-and-switch: offer people work, then kill them:

President Carter defends his book:

Israel is to Iran as “ambiguity” is to “deception”:

Palestinian civil war loom sin the wake of the murder of three boys:

The head of the civil affairs team says: “’They are never going to want us here. In terms of an embrace, they did that for five minutes in April 2003 [when US forces toppled Saddam Hussein], and that was it.”

55% want troops home within a year:

Ethan Bronner argues that Ehud Olmert’s own actions belie his criticism of the Independent Study Group report:

In a unique criticism of the Independent Study Group report, Congressman Ron Paul argues that it is Congress, not the President that is responsible for foreign policy:

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