News and Analysis (10/7/15)

The commander of the US and Nato war in Afghanistan, admits the war-making will have to be extended beyond the next year while giving yet a fourth version of the hospital attack that critics call a war crime:

Observers say the campaign has come at the expense of the local Bedouin community, which has long felt disenfranchised by the government[,] … evicting more than 3,200 families and razing hundreds of acres of farmland”:

The Qur’an says, “If the enemy inclines towards peace, then do you incline towards peace,” but Khamenei is too afraid of American “economic, cultural, political and security influence“:

“Dubbed the Xbox, the IED was designed to look and act like a bomb made by Iraqi insurgents so it could not be traced back to US forces”:

Grass-roots Islamophobia is back-firing with interfaith cooperation growing as faith as a wide-variety of faith communities come closer together as a consequence of united in opposition to hate-mongering:

Iran has agreed to inspections, but the IAEA shamefully still refuses to inspect the sites in the Middle East that already have nuclear weapons …

… as the U.S. favored this shameful outcome, it is no wonder that Iranians have “qualms … with U.S. Middle East policy”:

“Sedef Kabas … faced up to five years in prison for telling her Twitter followers not to forget the name of a prosecutor who dropped a corruption and bribery probe that implicated people close to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” …

… but a Saudi blogger whose weekly lashing were suspended is still “serving a 10-year sentence after being convicted of breaking Saudi Arabia’s technology laws and insulting Islamic religious figures through his blog … and [was] fined $266,000”:

“[F]orced … to choose between wearing clothes she saw as a religious obligation and becoming a citizen in her adoptive country[, she] sued the government, arguing that this policy violated her rights — and this February, she won”:

Ahmet Davutoglu also renewed criticism of Russian airstrikes in Syria, insisting they were mainly targeting the moderate Syrian opposition and therefore helping strengthen the Islamic State group”:

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