News and Analysis (10/11/15)

Rallies to protest Islam scheduled for twenty U.S. cities turn out to be a bust:

“The government said Kurdish rebels or Islamic State militants were likely responsible, while mourners accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of fomenting violence to gain votes for the ruling party”:

As the violence increases the root issue of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute must no longer be evaded:

“Unfortunately for Israel and its adoring minions in U.S. and Canadian governance, a people’s movement against blatant injustice can’t be legislated away”:

“USFOR-A will work with those affected to determine appropriate payments. If necessary and appropriate, the administration will seek additional authority from the Congress.” Obama apologized, but MSF wants an international investigation:

“Senior commanders of Islamic State were killed in an Iraqi airstrike near the country’s border with Syria but the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was not among them”:

Rezian’s attorney says she has not been informed of the verdict:

“The measure approved in parliament allows the Iranian government to withdraw from implementing the nuclear agreement if world powers do not lift sanctions, IRNA said. Final approval is expected later this week”:

“Nigeria’s … Boko Haram are blamed for using teens and women to carry out suicide bombings in neighboring Chad and Cameroon this weekend” in anticipation of their participation in a multinational force” against them:

“We have a purchasing power of over 1 trillion dollars, but in our reckless and wasteful spending habits we have not been able to pool our resources in a collective manner to build institutions and create jobs for our people”:

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