News and Analysis (10/19/15)

“[T]he Guardian’s Phoebe Greenwood travels across the West Bank to ask why this, why now – and why Palestinian women are getting involved. In the past month, eight Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks – mostly stabbings – and 35 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire” …

… “Israel’s Interior Ministry, which oversees municipalities, declined immediate comment on Sunday on the decision, condemned by a party representing the country’s Arab minority as racist”:

“The man … allegedly shouted ‘white power’ and ‘kill them all.’ [He] then grabbed the woman by her neck and slammed her head into the table. He then attempted to remove the woman’s headscarf”:

“Why are you asking about Islam? You need to ask about radical Islam or extremism or ISIS…to ask someone about Islam is stupid”  — Muslim community leader and anti-radicalisation campaigner Jamal Daoud:

Will giving people a half day off to vote compensate for the state repression that have demoralized voters? 

… “Egypt’s Al-Nour Party leaders hardly referred to religion at a recent rally, a dramatic change for a party that was once one of the strongest advocates for Islamic Shariah law”:

“Isis has a strategic game here: it is aware of Turkey’s deep polarisation and, by not taking responsibility for the bombing, it hopes to deepen the chasm and even provoke conflict”:

“US-trained Afghan security forces are facing a reinvigorated Taliban and not always faring well. Casualties among Afghan forces shot up this year. But on the other hand, Afghan forces are widely demonstrating a will to fight”:

Criticized for “her silence over the treatment of Muslims in Rakhine, … Ms Suu Kyi’s remarks were carefully worded…. Muslims have put their hopes in the NLD, even though it did not field a Muslim candidate on its lists of more than 1,100 hopefuls standing in the 8 November election”:

“Jesus never said, ‘Love your neighbor… just not your Muslim ones’ — Former South Carolina governor David Beasley:

“Harper’s Conservative Party is now vowing to pursue a niqab ban during citizenship ceremonies and to consider a wider ban for all public employees if re-elected. His opponents … have dismissed the niqab issue as a distraction and oppose such bans”:

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