News and Analysis (10/25/15)

“The debate in 1788 over the ratification of the Constitution in North Carolina turned into a discussion on the possibility of Muslims as American citizens…. And what emerged … was an agreement that there would be no religious litmus test” and “the possibility of a Muslim president”:

“Undemocratic measures … such as the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the denial of basic rights to Palestinians living there … [have] become permanent…. Israel is settling into the apartheid-like regime against which many of its former leaders warned”:

“I just wanted to do music that wasn’t necessarily speaking about drugs and stuff like that, but speaking about things that are morally sound and things that people can get benefit from in their day-to-day life … to make a change within music that people, mostly teenagers, listen to nowadays”:

“The case for war was not based on unaltered information provided by career intelligence analysts and officers, but by a media unit with the prime minister’s office who lifted information from a PhD student who was not even sure of the argument for his thesis at the time” …

… “The ex-PM said “those of us who removed Saddam” did bear some responsibility for the situation in Iraq today. But he said it was ‘hard to apologise’ for removing Saddam Hussein and Iraq might have become like Syria otherwise”:

Why “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hesitant to condemn clearly the Hindu communal mobilisation and violence that confronts him as Prime minister, no matter if it gives his party and government a bad name and his country a black mark”:

“Turks on balance still have negative opinions of every major world power tested, including the U.S. (58% unfavorable), NATO (50%) and the European Union (49%). Still, a majority in Turkey (55%) favor joining the EU”:

“The anti-Islam group Hooligans Against Salafists (HoGeSa) were able to bring out about 1,000 supporters…. The counter-demonstration, composed of far-left activists, civil society groups, politicians and average citizens, drew some 10,000 people”:

“Although Israeli security forces control the al-Aqsa mosque compound and Jordan is its religious custodian, it was unclear how new cameras could be installed without stoking more violence at the flashpoint site if Palestinians objected to them”:

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