News and Analysis (10/28/15)

For Muslim universities “to revitalize their teaching methods and meld science with liberal arts such as history and philosophy … [and] develop new ways of assessing faculty members to reward valuable research, teaching and outreach … governments must give universities more autonomy”:

“TV editor Tarik Toros was seen arguing with the trustee manager who entered the station’s control room, apparently to prevent a live broadcast of the raid. The two television channels went off the air hours later as Toros was on live, vowing to fight for media freedoms”:

“Khan’s letter had something rare and valuable in the propaganda war against Isis: authenticity” but “there is a sense that she has been tarnished by her closeness to Cameron’s policies”:

“[T]he US Civil Rights Act ‘rejects’ the idea that employees should just resign when their beliefs come into conflict with their responsibilities, and has often been used to protect Christians: … [such as the] Jehovah’s Witness fired for refusing to raise the American flag“:

“The police visibly attempted to reconcile the First Amendment rights of festivalgoers and the Bible Believers. There may have been much better ways for the police to handle this situation, but there was no First Amendment violation” — Dissenting Appeals Judge John Rogers:

“It’s the American dream at work. And entrepreneurship of course is an important part of that process” – Benjamin Jones, a professor of entrepreneurship and emerging markets at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management:

“Pakistan’s supreme court has called on the country’s politicians to ensure that hundreds of people facing imprisonment and even execution under controversial blasphemy laws have not been falsely charged, often by enemies wanting to settle personal scores.” Best to just end this unIslamic law:

“[T]he United States revealed it had invited Iran to take part in multilateral talks in Vienna on Friday, reversing its long-standing opposition to involving President Bashar al-Assad’s closest ally in discussions about his future”:

The signatories are “deeply disturbed by Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the intolerable human rights violations that it inflicts on all sections of the Palestinian people, and its apparent determination to resist any feasible settlement”:

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