News and Analysis (11/13/15)

“This huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate when they can’t make half that effort to save the hostages while … [they] were still alive. It’s unfortunate that the government doesn’t get it. They think it gives us solace, but it doesn’t” – mother of IS victim James Foley:

“Robert F. Dees … has indulged in anti-Muslim bigotry and … described the military as a vehicle to eventually ‘indoctrinate’ the American public at large to evangelical Christianity” and then “to transform the nations of the world through the militaries of the world”:

Fired “from his tenured position over his personal tweets criticizing the Israeli government’s assault on Gaza in 2014. Professor Salaita” says the $875,000 “settlement is a vindication for me, but more importantly, it is a victory for academic freedom and the First Amendment”:

“While skeptics may dismiss this turnaround as a mere deflection from Sisi’s human rights violations against the Muslim Brotherhood and secular youth activists, a better explanation lies in the seismic political changes under way in the region”:

Freedom of speech doesn’t include “reposting names and addresses of 100 U.S. service members, all with the intent to have them killed”:

“[H]ow US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded special police commandos who ran a network of torture centres in Iraq” that launched the Iraqi civil war and rise of ISIS:

Daniel Polisar’s virtual denial of the context of the occupation and any data contrary to his preconceive conclusions as well as the “mirror of support for violence” and threat perceptions on the Israeli side disappoints and somewhat frightens public opinion researcher Dahlia Scheindlin:

Criminally invading a hospital “Israeli forces disguised in Palestinian clothes – including one impersonating a pregnant woman in a wheelchair – have raided a hospital in the flashpoint city of Hebron, shooting dead a relative of a man suspected of carrying out a stabbing attack”:

“Apparently, it’s hard to find someone who is not only compatible, but also shares a mix of Muslim and American values” says the woman who “jokingly said, ‘Why don’t I make a website to connect all of you, because you all seem really cool.’ Then the emails started pouring in”:

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