News and Analysis (11/29/15)

“While ecstatic crowds celebrated the pope’s visit and message of reconciliation, thousands of Muslims remained essentially blockaded in their neighborhood of PK5, unable to leave because of the armed Christian militia fighters”:

“Westerners have speculated that the drug is being used by Islamic State fighters, the biggest consumer has for years been Saudi Arabia … and is popular among those Syrian fighters who don’t follow strict interpretations of Islamic law”:

UN Head calls for de-escalation, Erdogan expresses regret of plane downing, and Turkey warns citizens to avoid Russia as Russia drafts sanctions and curtails visas:

“Turkey will help the European Union handle the flow of migrants that has called into question the future of Europe’s passport-free travel in exchange for cash and restarting stalled talks on EU accession”:

CAIR lost it battle when “U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled the policy did not represent an imminent and concrete threat to Muslims therefore she did not have the authority to make a decision in the case” and has 30 days to appeal:






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