News and Analysis (12/1/15)

“About 200 people … stood for hours with signs of friendship and support for religious freedom, and they hugged worshipers who drifted over from the mosque” far outnumbering the dozen armed protesters at last week’s hate-fest:

“[T]he recent attacks in Paris are part of a larger ISIS strategy to polarize Western nations, and foment hate toward Muslims” and it’s working on some people:

She visited the United Patriots Front demonstration to understand them. They wanted to “ban Halal,” without knowing what it means  know what it was. Then they lied to her they would not use her picture and then they lied about her:

To Mernissi “silent, passive, obedient woman” are not part of “the authentic message of Islam” and the Qur’an has been a bestsellers for over a millennium because it seeks “to seduce the reader through language, not with violence” :

“The population’s desire for peace, however, does not necessarily ensure a smooth path toward reconciliation…. Success …hinges on bringing the armed groups to the table”:

The father of one victim called for an end to the double standard and for the murderers to be given the life sentence normally given to Arabs, but “under Israeli law, a social worker must first approve convictions of minors”:

Pollard motive was not misguided concern over Antisemitism; he was paid well by Israel and also “offered to sell additional secret documents to Pakistan, Apartheid South Africa, Australia, Russia and some Middle East countries”:

“The available information, including evidence from Turkey and our own sources, indicates the Russian aircraft violated Turkish airspace. We also know that the Turks warned the Russian pilots multiple times … [with] no response”:

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