News and Analysis (12/17/15)

Remember the Christian teacher at a Christian school teaching Christian love for Muslims? Well, “she was called into the provost’s office on Tuesday and told she was under administrative review and placed on administrative leave until the end of the spring semester” …

… even though “[s]he did not insist that Christians and Muslims believe the same things about that one God. She did not state that Islam and Christianity are the same religion under a different name, or even that Islam is equally as true as Christianity” or renounce the Trinity:

The two guiding Islamic principles of just war are “the protection of noncombatants, and … the limitation and restriction of war and violence” so war is only permitted “in a way that regulated the loss of life” as opposed to ISIL’s “promotion of violence and instability”:

“There is a sense among many that ISIS is Saudi Arabia’s main ideology on steroids, [but] there are many Wahabi clerics that are anti-ISIS and anti-Al Qaeda that can be drafted in the theological war against terrorism” — Ebrahim Moosa:

“Tayab Ali of ITN solicitors, who is acting for the Brotherhood … said that there was already a case that the report has been ‘unduly influenced by foreign powers hostile to the rise of democracy in the Middle East'”:

“The UN said that the signing had been delayed for logistical reasons but would go ahead in Morocco on Thursday. Libya-watchers expressed doubts that it would happen, but warned that if it did it could mean the country had three governments instead of two” …

… The unusual pact “largely bypasses the biggest players – the guys with guns – who command rival governments in the east and west. Instead, it was anchored in those Libyans, such as mayors and civil society activists, who most want peace”:

The victim “had never encountered any form of racism, including based on his his religion, before this month’s incident” and now he says he has been overwhelmed by the “outpouring of support from strangers…. I think that’s what makes this nation great: tolerance and acceptance”:

“Enrique Marquez … was also charged with defrauding immigration authorities by entering into a sham marriage with a member of Farook’s family” and ” with a firearms violation for making a “straw purchase” of weapons for” the alleged San Bernadino killers:

The state police commissioner blamed victims “saying its members … had failed to inform security forces of what he called their ‘procession.’ But human rights advocates have denounced the killings as an overreaction by the military, which has been accused of many abuses”:

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