News and Analysis (1/9/16)

Music … [and] figurative art … traditions are meshed completely into Islamic culture in South Asia” disproving the notion that countries must choose between “secular embrace of modern arts or austerity”:

“Both New York City and the nation must respond to the threat of violence – whatever its source – without tearing apart the fabric of our nation by violating the principles it proclaims”:

“What should we conclude from the person who expressed his desire that the professor — the one at the other college on whom the news story focused — be raped, sold into slavery and stoned to death?”:

“Only a simpleton – or, more commonly, person driven by instinct and emotion – thinks you can counter the uncompromising prejudice of ‘all immigrants are bad’ with the uncompromising prejudice of ‘all immigrants are good’”:

“The terminations at Fort Morgan appear to be based on a misunderstanding, or misinformation, about a perceived change in our religious accommodation policy…. Allegations that we were not going to allow prayer any longer are false”:

Did the 16-year old critical of Israel cross the line into bullying a fellow student or was she the one being bullied by being denied a right to an attorney and threatened with a lawsuit if she had recorded school officials harassing her?

“An event organized by a Muslim centre to welcome Syrian refugees to Vancouver took an ugly turn when a cyclist rode by and attacked the group”:

“Two Texas politicians made public details of an investigation into a terrorism suspect while it was still in progress [and under  a court seal], potentially jeopardizing the inquiry, three sources familiar with the matter said on Friday”:

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