News and Analysis (1/11/16)

“[Q]uestioning the state-sanctioned interpretation of the Quran[,] … providing alternative interpretations for discussion…[, d]ebate, discussion and questions are seen as seditious. … [b]ecause Islam is used as an instrument of control”:

“The report also substantiates last month’s claims … that the chemical weapons used in the incident had been stolen from Libya and later smuggled into Syria via Turkey by militants”:

“This is the third time an MSF health facility has been hit in the last three months”:

“When calling on one member … of the campus community to answer for a Facebook post that was actually committed to living out the love of Christ and the principles of the Statement of Faith, no one is safe”:

A disgraceful “fatwa on the sexual availability of Asians, who have in fact only come to Saudi Arabia to carry out home cleaning duties” is the tip of the iceberg as to the source of the negative steretypes of Islam exploited by Islamophobes:

Standing silently “wearing a white hijab and a turquoise T-shirt that said ‘Salam, I come in peace’ … as [Trump] was speaking about the threat of Syrian refugees to US security[, s]he was removed from the rally as other attendees booed”:

Violence continues by a Muslim whose mother says “her 30-year-old son had been hearing voices recently and had felt targeted by police” using a gun “stolen from an officer’s home in October 2013″…

and against Muslims  by passing strangers:

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