News and Analysis (1/13/16)

“The swift release … contradicted speculation that the hardline Revolutionary Guards were seeking to sabotage the mending of relations between Iran and the west days before the planned implementation of the nuclear deal”:

“Not only are these things strictly forbidden under criminal law, they are also a mortal sin in Islam”:

The arrest for protesting her brother’s detention is “the latest example of Saudi Arabia’s utter contempt for its human rights obligations and provides further damning proof of the authorities’ intent to suppress all signs of peaceful dissent”:

Whether its kicking Palestinians off airplanes or banning Romeo & Juliet style novels, ‘Discouraging “assimilation” is an inseparable part of the Jewish state’ where rare knife attacks are volubly condemned but oppression is relentless:

ErdoÄŸan says Turkey was targeted because of its war on terrorism but some think it is targeted for its wars against the Asad regime and the Kurdish rebels:

“Rummana Hussain was one of those children whose Muslim parents envisioned her in a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Instead, she became a … reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times” and only Muslim editorial staff  member:

“Mechanical trouble with one of the boats caused both to run aground in Iranian waters. Tehran has given assurances that the crew and the vessels would soon be returned, officials say”:

“In 2007, Kelsay visited the Sultanate of Oman on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, where he urged students to challenge fellow Muslims who used the concept of jihad to justify acts of violence”:

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