News and Analysis (1/21/16)

We live in an age when a spelling error can lead to a criminal investigation:

… and “problems with alcohol, anxiety and depression and [having] just finished watching a week of Fox News coverage on the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris” can lead an unstable person to threaten a Muslim advocacy group:

Elhassan’s attorney charges that in this “case and in others, federal agents have engineered a threat, then publicized their efforts to convince the American people that they are being protected”:

“More than 80% of people in each of these groups said that they strongly belong to Britain, with the narrow exception being Asian Christians.” It is not religion but the “risk of racist victimisation” that leads to alienation:

“It is only if people can act in accordance with their own values and inclinations that people from very different cultural backgrounds can coexist.” Forcing Muslims to watch films that creep them out doesn’t serve that purpose …

… nor do shutting down stores selling Muslim style headscarves and forcibly shaving men:

“We asked them to kill all of us or leave us alone,” Salah Farah, a Kenyan teacher who was on the bus, told the Daily Nation after the attack. “As we argued, they shot me and the boy” …

… while “the bouncer who risked his own life by instantly tackling the shooter at Ten X Nightclub on Jan. 10, after the gunman pulled a pistol and began firing from the doorway into the bar” was a Muslim …

… and “none of the anti-Muslim critics are aware that, with respect to the single greatest source of deadly intentional violence worldwide, Muslim societies are among the least violent in the world”:

“Last week, ErdoÄŸan urged prosecutors to investigate scores of academics for signing a declaration criticising military action in the mainly Kurdish south-east of the country”:

“Most of the kidnapping victims released by IS were women, children, and elderly men. Men between the ages of 14 and 55 were held for questioning” and may not be released if determined to have ties with pro-government forces”:

“Israel is stealing land specially in the Jordan Valley under the pretext it wants to annex it[,] … a flagrant and grave aggression which kills all chances of peace” — Hanan Ashrawi:

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