News and Analysis (1/23/16)

“It’s an incredible irony here because … Islam … [is] intellectual as well as religious and chess was the emblem of that. The pieces themselves were aesthetically reshaped into abstract pieces there”:

Despite Kerry’s professed optimism, the peace talks are threatened by refusal of the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition to include other groups …

… and an anonymous participant calls the private meeting between  Iran and Saudi “a dialogue of the deaf”:

“The summit meeting, expected to attract more than 300 Muslim religious leaders, will hark back to the Charter of Medina, in which the Prophet Muhammad enumerated the rights of non-Muslims 1,400 years ago”:

“As an Arab proverb reminds us, ‘Nothing can scratch your skin quite like your own nails…’ The development path of a country can only be determined by its people in light of its history, cultural traditions, and” socio-economic condition:

On the battleground of “[w]omen’s lives – and bodies – … the west … [has] cast those it wishes to subjugate as barbaric. ‘White man rescuing brown women’ was the … desire for domination … masked as virtuous duty” …

… and thus “contradicting every principle of the scientific method he purports to champion, Dawkins established imaginary links between wholly divergent subjects, between terrorist attacks in Paris and Muslim women’s dress choices” …

… in contrast, “Gul Ozyegin shows that we cannot understand young peoples’ intimate lives in universal ways – either as conforming to traditionally religious sex/gender scripts, or as morphing into modern global neoliberal selves”:

“This week, Wheaton’s faculty council, which represents the college’s 211 faculty, unanimously voted to recommend the administration withdraw its efforts to fire Hawkins and to end her administrative leave”:

“[T]he hard-line Guardian Council disqualified more than half of 12,000 would-be candidates. Of 3,000 reformists, 99 percent were rejected.” President Rouhani protested, “It is called the house of the nation, not the house of one faction”:






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