News and Analysis (1/25/16)

The unusual public announcement of arrests for such an incident suggests Iran is signaling that it will no longer condone such actions:

“Met Commander Richard Walton praised the Muslim community for fighting terrorism and added police were receiving more similar calls from young people within the community”:

“[A]s a Muslim parent, if my [child] goes to a Muslim school and … speaks in good manner to any boy or girl, regardless of what background, it doesn’t matter, because I believe this is not against my religion. What is this nonsense policy?”

“The prophet was religiously persecuted, so he knew first-hand what it was to experience religious persecution. His religion ensured the rights of religious minorities — Shaykh Hamza Yusuf:

The now-disbanded NYPD program that targeted Muslims for their religion “used informants, known as ‘mosque crawlers, in order to monitor sermons” and “resulted in zero terrorism-related charges”:

“Philippine government and Muslim rebel peace negotiators both … urged lawmakers to immediately pass a new Muslim autonomy law in a region of southern Mindanao to counter radicalism, especially among young Muslims”:

“As soon as the political transition is complete, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi and her party must move swiftly to redress discrimination against Myanmar’s Muslims and to end the Rohingya’s terrible plight”:

“Italy is poised to sign deals worth up to 17 billion euros … underscor[ing] the potential business bonanza on offer for European firms following the lifting of crippling financial sanctions on Tehran earlier this month” …

… but a contract with Boeing “could take more time. The US-based company is currently blocked … by the primary sanctions still in effect, which means that any deal would likely require special government permissions to move forward”:


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