News and Analysis (1/30/16)

“Muslim women are often celebrated as courageous when pushing back against legal, social and cultural norms within their faith communities. But … aren’t Muslim women pushing back against Islamophobia ‘courageous,’ too?”

When it acted “against all its tall and much-publicized claims about the freedom of expression and the freedom of conscience[, …] the hypocrisy of American society came to surface and lay uncovered before me” – Jermaine Jackson:

“The Flint community needs us, and … [we] are helping by providing them with clean drinking water, filters, educational material related to the hazardous water, offering free lead testing, and raising money to assist” them:

“[A]s the story of Basma and other women shows, even under the unsparing rule of Isis a growing number of people have risked their lives over the past year to help Yazidis flee”:

What’s going on here? A Muslim is elected head of the campus branch of a Zionist peace group while Netanyahu hurls an anti-Semitic slur at America’s ambassador to Israel:

“Those who watched ‘Little Mosque [on the prairie]’ had more positive attitudes toward Muslims both immediately after the viewing and four to six weeks later” than the control group who watched “Friends”:

Just as the Constitution is misinterpreted by American militias …, as it was by Timothy McVeigh, … just as the Confederacy quoted the Bible in support of their right to possess slaves, so also the Quran is misinterpreted”:

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