News and Analysis (2/5/16)

Video and text of Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore:

To counter extremism and promote freedom, the [Marrakesh] declaration calls for a “broad movement for the just treatment of religious minorities in Muslim countries and to raise awareness as to their rights”:

“Omid Safi … told a B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday that the RCMP should have helped John Nuttall overcome his radical ideas, instead of preventing him from reaching out to mainstream, moderate religious leaders”:

While upholding the divorce, the Philippine Supreme Court ordered the husband to pay the wife about $500 and remanded the question child custody to the Sharia court saying the wife’s due process rights were denied:

“If a marriage is entered into without the consent of a girl, the marriage is not valid, according to Sharia. Yet, there are families that are guided purely by their customs, and such things are commonplace”:
“I will no longer allow myself to live in fear of being pigeonholed or persecuted simply for subscribing to a (not actually very) different belief system”:
” [K]nowledge … is pursued solely by man … for the sake of knowledge itself, because its acquisition is truly delightful, and … the good cannot be brought forth, and evil cannot be avoided, except by knowledge” — al-Biruni:

“Finding similarities in the problems they face, Muslim leaders from countries outside the Islamic world created an American-led federation to tackle Islamophobia, youth radicalization and integration in their respective societies”:

Even as “parties that are welcomed at the negotiating table … represent – or bankroll – the very same forces enacting savage blockades which sparked dire humanitarian conditions in Syria … and brutalized women” …

… a Pentagon spokesman offers to repeat history, saying that “‘there have been US forces on the ground in Libya, trying” …  to determine which forces might be ‘worthy of US support’ in an eventual fight with the Islamic State”:


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