News and Analysis (2/8/16)

The provost’s apology to Hawkins elicited rejoicing, but after the president’s  later letter announcing announcing Hawkins’ departure, one professor wrote on Facebook that he “will be wearing black in class the rest of the semester”:

Examples of successful Musli entrepreneurs are “software mogul Azim Premji” and, long before him, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Program topics include “improving networking, inclusion of women, and education”:

“What is Salafism?Why don’t Muslims sing during worship? What is the difference between Sunni and Shia traditions? Why do women cover their heads? Do Muslims believe in the Bible? Why do Muslims wash before praying?”

“Rather than a traditional romantic speed date, it’s a forum for non-Muslim men and women to ask Muslim women about their faith and their culture. With free coffee, tea and sweets”:

Right wing extremist rallies against Islam brought out  only a couple of hundred in Birmingham and Amsterdam but thousands in Germany:

“Although Riyadh states about the intention to fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization, there are big doubts about that. It is more likely that the Saudis intend to provide support … against the Syrian government forces“:

“The army first began demolishing structures and forcibly evicting Palestinian residents in 1999. Residents returned to their land they mounted a legal challenge in court. The matter was never resolved”:

“[T]he music of Al Firdaus [weaves] the sounds of East and West, just when the seams look in danger of being torn apart”:

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