News and Analysis (2/13/16)

True jihad. How do young American Muslims “mark the one-year anniversary of the slaying of three Muslims in Chapel Hill”? With demonstrations? Retaliation? Guess again. The answer is with love, by feeding  their neighbors …

… while the victims’ families declare, “We know that we must not fight hate with hate. Instead, we will carry their legacy of love against hate. We hope our neighbors and our leaders will join us”:

“It might strike you as surprising that one of the most famous buildings in the Muslim tradition is a monument to love… God is beautiful, as Muhammad said, and loves beauty”:

Some “attracted to the faith, in part, because of its … offering men and women of all races and classes the chance to address God directly with no priestly hierarchy in the middle” instead found “sectarian and ethnic rivalry”:

The founder says that “the reaction from the local Muslim community has been mostly positive … [and that] there was a tradition within Islam of women being imams and most of the criticism was based on ignorance”:

Muqtada al-Sadr has joined Sistani in calling for “economic and political reforms” and also “for Iraq’s powerful Shiite militias [including his own] to be formally incorporated into Iraq’s existing security forces”:

Held without charge, the journalist has “lost most of his sight and hearing abilities and could barely speak”, yet “Israeli officials have denied his request, despite the Israeli high court ruling to ‘freeze’ his administrative detention”:

The delegation of lawmakers … arrived in Jerusalem on Monday and was due to visit Gaza to assess … reconstruction efforts funded by the European Union…. [N]o justification was given to explain the refusal”:

“[T]he bombing of a commercial passenger jet earlier this month that blew a hole in the fuselage, sucking out the suspected bomber and forcing … an emergency landing … targeted Western and Turkish intelligence agents”:






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